''Quiet Seashore''

The Sea Is Calm Tonight

Peter was eight and a half years old, and he went to a school near his house. He always went there and came home on foot, and he usually got back on time, but last Friday he came home from school late. His mother was in the kitchen, and she saw him and said to him, "Why are you late today, Peter
"My teacher was angry and sent me to the headmaster after our lessons," Peter answered
?""To the headmaster?" his mother said. "Why did she send you to him
"Because she asked a question in the class; Peter said, "and none of the children gave her the answer except me."
His mother was angry. "But why did the teacher send you to the headmaster then? Why didn't she send all the other stupid children?" she asked Peter
."Because her question was, "Who put glue on my chair?" Peter said
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