''Quiet Seashore''

The Sea Is Calm Tonight

Two soldiers were in camp.The first one's name was George,and the second one's name was Bill.George said, "Have you got a piece of paper and an envelope,Bill?"

Bill said,"yes,I have" and he gave them to him.

Then George said, "Now I haven't got a pen.Bill gave him his,and George wrote his letter .Then he put it in envelope and said,"Have you got  stamp, Bill?"Bill gave him one,

Then Bill got up and went to the door , so George said to him, "Are you going out?"

Bill said ,"Yes, I am,"and he opened the door.

George said,"please put my letter in the box in office, and...He stopped.

"What do you want now?"Bill said to him.

George looked at the envelope of his letter and answered," whats your girl-friend's Address?!!!!!!!



Do you know why?!!!

because Bill's girlfriend's naked picture was next to the Bill's Bed, on the wall!!!!!!! 

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