''Quiet Seashore''

The Sea Is Calm Tonight

One day I went to the seashore
It was calm and silent...without any noiseeeeeeeeeee
 I saw several ships from outlaying...it was far from the beach
I love shipppppppppp
And i sat on the earth and saw those ships...it was a very nice seascape
I wished
I wished
I could be on the nice ship at that time...and travel to around the worldddddddddd
But i think this travel and nights of the sea and journey with the ship is very nice and romantic with your loveeeeeeeeeeeeee
?stand near him/her and his/her warm hand and kind eyes...no
I love ship and travel with it...nights of the sea...and to sea the nice and shine stars at the night sky on the oceannnnnnnnnnn
I think it's very nice and wonderfullllllllllllllllll
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